Our Partners

ISHDO recognizes the value of different types of partnerships and works with strategic,  advocacy, resource and implementing partners towards meeting its mission and goal.   Among these  partners were different government sector offices, Royal Netherlands Embassy, Action Aid  Ethiopia,  Japan Embassy,  CRDA,  Pathfinder International Eth/USAID,   Pact  Eth/USAID, ,   Bread for the World,  Kerk in Acti  of the Netherlands,  Geneva Global,  FHI/Imac/ USAID and FHI/360/ USAID.  Canadian Feed the Children, PSI/Eth/USAID, Save the Children USAID, Mundo Corporate and  FFC.   Different UN agencies like UNAIDS, UNFPA/NORAD, UNICEF, ILO, UNFPA, UNHCR, WFP  were  also  the funding partners .

Donors and Implementing Partners

International Partners

ISHDO is Member of the following Associations and Consortium

The Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA) is a legally registered non-profit membership organization of NGOs/CSOs operating in Ethiopia.  Established in 1973 by thirteen NGOs, it has been operational for nearly half a century (47 years) and still growing in membership, representation, and engagement.  CCRDA has its physical presence in Addis Ababa City where it has a large complex that houses offices, training & conference facilities, and cafeteria.  In addition, it has regional chapters in six of the ten regions of the country.  Currently CCRDA membership has reached more than 400 legally registered international and national CSOs engaging in long term development, advocacy, humanitarian, and human rights activities.  CCRDA envisions a poverty free Ethiopia with vibrant CSOs and assured social justice.

The coming into effect of the new CSO law in 2018 and the spirit of the national transformation agenda of the government is one of the catalysts for CCRDA and members to undertake the reposition exercise to remain relevant to the new context so as to advance the mission of the network and embrace the existing new change. https://ccrdaeth.org/

ECSOF was legally established in May 2013 with a special legal status comprising both Charities and Societies. The includes all types of charities and societies through networks, and other representation mechanisms like 3 category representatives in the Executive Committee, and grouping mechanism with no boundaries as to their legal status. The Forum’s operational scope is at a federal and regional level with a focus on legal, institutional and operational issues and processes that commonly concern the Charities and Societies sector in Ethiopia. The major objectives of ECSOF is to establish a formal non-statutory institutional arrangement whereby Charities and Societies actively participate in coordinating, collaborating, networking, facilitating and supervising a range of initiatives aimed at strengthening and maintaining conducive enabling environment for their effective engagement in and contribution towards the national development endeavors; establish an institutional arrangement and platform which ensures the effective administration, management, and representation of Charities and Societies registered and operating in Ethiopia; and put in place the foundation for the establishment of necessary arrangements guiding the interaction between Charities and Societies, government bodies and other relevant stakeholders. https://fcsf.net/

CORHA is an organizational expression of the determination of NGOs committed to the provision of comprehensive, integrated and sustainable Sexual and Reproductive Health information and services in Ethiopia. Since its establishment in 1995, CORHA has been functioning effectively in creating platforms for policy discussion and dialogue, coordinating members’ activities and representing its members in higher level platforms such as Joint Consultative Forum, Protection of Basic Service- Ethiopian Social Accountability Program (ESAP), Health Population Donors Group.