Who We Are

Integrated Service on Health and Development Organization (ISHDO), formerly named ISAPSO (Integrated Service on AIDS Prevention and Support Organization) was established in October 1997 and legally registered with the Ministry of Justice as a local NGO after the closure of FHI/AIDSCAP/USAID in Ethiopia


ISHDO was one of the pioneering Ethiopian NGOs especially in the prevention and response to HIV/AIDS. Through time, it has transformed itself both organizationally and in the focuses of its programs and geographic distribution in the last two decades.

To contribute to the national efforts being made in health, education and socioeconomic development and empowering the community in poverty reduction

ISHDO aspires to see a healthy, productive and self-reliant society

promoting and providing integrated health, education, livelihood improvement, gender transformation, environmental protection, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding services to the underserved population groups

Participation; commitment to gender equality, inclusiveness and justice; transparency; accountability; teamwork; rights-based transformational quality services; relevance; care for the environment; partnership; empowerment; and sustainability

The organization at present has a governing Board as the top decision-making body with 11 members.  The Executive Director manages and leads the organization. It has more than 200 staff with diverse qualifications and rich experiences working in its Head Office in Addis Ababa as well as in its field offices.

Code of Conduct for ISHDO

ISHDO is operating and committed to the advancement of the people, including improvements in their quality of life and the promotion of social justice, particularly for those who are disadvantages and marginalized. It is, therefore, essential for the Organization to device and implement a code of conduct which not only reflects its own core values and ensures the observance of its norms, but also leads to effective and efficient co-ordination and collaboration with the Government, the general public and other partners.

  • Ensure transparency and accountability in the operation of the Organization by Voluntary self- regulation.
  • Improve the quality of services provided by the Organization by helping to adopt high standards of conduct and to devise efficient decision-making processes. 
  • Improve communication between the Ngo community and the various stake holders.
  • Improve the performance of the Organization by encouraging the exchange of experience among its partners and learning from proven best practices.
  • The standard of conduct shall refer to the way in which the Organization and its Staffs behave and work
  • The interests of target beneficiaries and the causes our work is at the heart of everything we do
  • We ensure that the beneficiaries views and experiences are actively listened to and taken into account.
  • We ensure that all relevant policies and procedures are drawn up with the interests of beneficiaries in mind.
  • We put in place appropriate systems to make fair decisions that are free from conflict of interests.
  • We ensure resources are managed responsibly and funds are properly protected,
  • We have policies and procedures to combat the risk of bribery, fraud, corruption and extortion.
  • We exercise due diligence in understanding the ethical standards of our partners, to seek support or collaboration from those with ethical values that are consistent with our values.
  • We are being sensitive to the impact of our activities on both natural and human environment
  • ISHDO is subject to complying with existing legal and regulatory requirements,
  • we are willing to share information about how we work and we ensure it is easily accessible.
  • We establish clear lines of responsibility and accountability for all our work, both internally and externally where applicable.
  • All our financial transactions, expenditures and resource management have been audited timely and reported to the concerned bodies
  • We created an inclusive culture that does not tolerate inappropriate, discriminatory, offensive or harmful behaviour towards any staff of ISHDO
  • ISHDO is a workplace where people’s wellbeing and mental health are valued.
  • We have the policy for reporting and resolution of allegations, suspicions or concerns about abuse of any kind or inappropriate behaviour.
  • We ensure that anyone working for ISHDO understands the expectations placed upon them, and provide the relevant training to support them in meeting their responsibilities