FFC- Fund

What is FFC?

It is a charity founded in September 2003 by a small group of friends residing in Oxford, the UK. Initially it was an informal group formed to sponsor HIV/AIDS orphans in Ethiopia. The group started sponsoring children in 2004. Since then its membership has been growing, and it has become a registered charity in the UK (Charity Reg. No: 1115193).

What are the objects of the FFC?

 The ultimate aim of FFC is to enable HIV/AIDS orphans become self-reliant and productive citizens. To achieve this aim we focus on orphans who could be looked after by next of kin with financial assistance from our charity. Our intention is to sponsor as many HIV/AIDS orphans as possible. In doing so we also aim to support

  • existing but overburdened extended family and social networks, the traditional coping mechanism to look after orphans
  • under resourced local charities working with and for orphans and vulnerable children with advice and technical support (whenever possible).

ISHDO working on the prevention care &support area is committed to contribute to the national effort in reducing the spread of the pandemic by providing comprehensive care& support for families infected& affected by HIV/AIDS among these AIDS orphan take the priority. It is very clear that Kirkos, Arada and Yeka Sub Cities are the oldest business center in Addis Ababa. Residential areas are slummy, crowded and densely populated. On top of that, there are lots of women headed households and drinking houses. Commercial sex is seen as a livelihood by many women residing and is taken as inheritance. Due to HIV/AIDS, many children are left orphaned. Grandmothers and elderly women are the care takers of these children. Some children are also living with HIV.


To enable 25 double AIDS Orphans become self-sufficient and productive adult citizen under the care of relatives/guardians through financial assistance.

  • To increase access to education for 25 children through provision of monthly financial support.
  • To improve the quality of life of the children and their guardians.

Expected Outcome

  • 25 AIDS orphans successfully attend their school
  • Livelihood of 25 households improved

Major Activities

  • Provision of monthly support for the beneficiaries
  • Conduct review meetings with the target groups
  • Psychosocial support for the beneficiaries.