ISHDO’s Operation Wing is dedicated to executing technical tasks and offering comprehensive support for programs and projects, with a focus on instructional development and excellence. The wing comprises specialized units, each contributing to the overall efficiency and success of ISHDO:

Finance Unit:

This unit handles a spectrum of financial responsibilities, including accounting, financial management, adherence to donors’ regulations and local laws, and the generation of informative donor reports. Accounting and reporting follow the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and align with the latest ISHDO policy and procedure manual.


Human Resource Unit:

Responsible for providing personnel services, this unit manages various human resource tasks such as needs analysis, recruitment, selection and placement, retention, development, and termination. These activities are guided by the Human Resource policy manual, in accordance with prevailing labor laws and compliance with donors’ requirements.

Procurement Unit:

Tasked with gathering project needs, the Procurement Unit conducts thorough analyses, sources materials and services, and manages the value chain to fulfill ISHDO’s requirements. The procurement process aligns with the procurement policy manual, the country’s legal framework, and complies with donors’ stipulations.


Logistic Unit:

This unit oversees a range of logistical aspects, including fleet management, leases and spaces, stores, utilities, office services, security, and maintenance. The logistics operations adhere to the logistic manual, ensuring compliance with local laws and meeting the specific requirements of donors.

These units collectively form the Operation Wing, strategically organized to efficiently manage services and provide crucial support to the overarching goals of ISHDO.