Before Abera’s interaction with the DIC, his life was overshadowed by the burden of a high viral load. Living with HIV, he faced not only the physical challenges but also the mental and emotional toll it took on his. After identifying that he tested positive for HIV he was linked to the health center for further medical checkup and ART initiation. Despite his medication regimen, his viral load remained high, affecting his overall well-being and quality of life.

Seeking a way out of this cycle, Abera turned to the DIC for guidance and support. His, he found a team of dedicated counselors who not only understood his medical condition but also empathized with his struggles. Through personalized counseling sessions, Abera learned the importance of adherence to his medication, proper nutrition, stress management techniques, and the significance of regular medical check-ups.

Armed with this knowledge and support, Abera embarked on his journey towards better health. He

diligently followed his medication schedule, incorporated healthy lifestyle changes into his daily

routine, and attended regular follow-up appointments at the health center and the DIC team. Over time, Abera began to witness remarkable improvements in his health. His viral load started to decrease steadily, and his overall well-being improved significantly. With each counseling session, he gained more confidence in managing his condition and making informed decisions about his health.

Today, Abera stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for others living with HIV. His success story not only highlights the importance of seeking support but also underscores the transformative impact of effective counseling in managing HIV and achieving a better quality of life