Successes story 1

Arada DIC story of HRM linkage

MULU KP project are implement different activities like BCC, HIV testing, care and treatments, condom distribution for the project targets. The targets are FSW, AGYW and HRM, among those targets HRM clients who have HIV test result positive linked for care and treatment to other health facilities. Because there are no DIC provide care and treatments for PP clients, all identified HRM positive clients must be linked at a health center or hospital.

The linkage process of HRM client was took a long time, as all know the HRM clients have difficult in their behavior, have no patience to stay long time to get the service at the health facilities, also they are mobile they have no permanent address. In addition, the client fear of the break of confidentiality by provider and fear of somebody see them when they took the services at the center.  Because of these, they had the possibility of being lost from taking their treatment. Also, there is fear to link them and deliver feedback immediate after linking them by health provider from some health facilities.  

To solve the above-mentioned problem related to HRM linkage, PSI took an initiative to start the HRM linkage at DIC as a pilot in Arada DIC since December 2024. The initiative was good because the clients who are not willing to linked to other health facilities easily access the treatment and follow up at DIC. As well it reduces the waste of time to link the HRM clients at health facilities and work load of the counselor. The performance DIC related to linkage was enhanced. It is better to expand the service to all DICs










Successes story 2

FSW client story


Husania Ali, is 29 age old, she out from her families at the age of teen to street by the influence of her peer and she entered to do as FSW by the peer pressure at street. at that age she needs relaxes, dancing and she drop from her education for long time. Her families want her to return to the family and to continue her education. But they try to search for a lot of places but they could not find her. because she hid herself from her families.

During, her long life on the street she started chewing chat, smoking cigarette and using Ashish. This substance she uses control her life and she did not alert without using them for long time.

Hosinia was attended BCC session with her peer and at the end of the session the peer brings her to DIC for HIV test. The counselor provides her counseling and test, the result was become positive and she start the treatment at DIC.  

She was unable to stop use of chat, smoking cigarette and Ashish at the begging of the treatment, even she also not disclosed to her families for long time.

After she start the ART treatment three year later, she sicks a skin cancer and she took the treatment of the cancer at hospital for long time and she is now in better condition. At her skin cancer treatment and follow up period the health care provider and case manager were provided the adherence counseling.

Now she reunified to her parents by disclosing her status even she was provided education for other peoples about HIV/AIDS prevention, benefit of care and treatment and the harmful of using chat, smoking cigarette and Ashish. This good result comes by the effort of the provider and case manager repeated counseling and support.