Dr. Françoise Ndayishimiye. UNAIDS Ethiopia, Country Director made an official visit to our office on Monday, 11 March 2024.
Following the welcoming note by the Executive Director of ISHDO, a brief presentation was made on the background of ISHDO and current project portfolio.
Very promising discussion was made on future strategic partnership and collaboration between ISHDO and UNAIDS. The Director also expressed her greatest hope that UNAIDS office would facilitate joint partnership initiatives between ISHDO and other UN Agencies in Ethiopia.
We celebrated International Women’s Day at the Sapphire Addis Hotel.
Staff and representatives of implementing partners of the Family Focused HIV Prevention Care and Treatment Activity gathered to celebrate the day. The event was a colorful affair, with a presentation on the history and purpose of International Women’s Day, and two inspiring talks by W/ro Beletu Mengistie, founder and previous Executive Director of ISHDO, and W/ro. Bezawit Admasu, founder and CEO of BEZAD Solution.
We are grateful to all who attended and helped to make this event a success.

ISHDO received a certificate of recognition from Addis Ababa Health Bureau for its financial and technical support provided to commemorate the World AIDS Day with different activities. Sr. Eden WoldeMichael from ISHDO Global Fund Received the certificate by representing ISHDO, during a special program organized by the Bureau on 8 February 2024.

ISHDO farewell to ISHDO Sub staff of Addis Ababa who have been working on the direct implementation of the USAID Family Focus HIV Prevention Care and Treatment Activities in Oromia (FFHPCTA). The farewell ceremony program was held at Yod Abyssinia Hotel at Gurd Sholla.


Nine staff members of the USAID Mulu KP Activity, stationed at Bole DIC, were honored with certificates of recognition for their unwavering dedication and exceptional service in organizing and hosting a high-level USAID visitors program at Bole DIC on February 1, 2024. These individuals showcased the Mulu KP activity as a whole, with a special emphasis on the DIC’s comprehensive one-stop shopping services. The visitors expressed their deep appreciation for both the Mulu KP activity and the commitment demonstrated by the staff.

Ato Aklilu Nega, Executive Director of ISHDO, presented the certificates to the staff during a special program held at the Head Office on February 13, 2024.

ISHDO has been honored with recognition from the Addis Ababa Health Bureau for its outstanding contribution and financial support in commemorating World AIDS Day through various activities. Sr. Eden WoldeMichael, representing ISHDO Global Fund, graciously accepted the certificate during a special program organized by the Bureau on February 8, 2024.

ISHDO bids farewell to the dedicated ISHDO Sub staff in Addis Ababa who have tirelessly contributed to the direct implementation of the USAID Family Focus HIV Prevention Care and Treatment Activities in Oromia (FFHPCTA). The farewell ceremony took place on January 6, 2024, at the Yod Abyssinia Hotel in Gurd Sholla.

ISHDO got recognition from the Sidama Regional State for the provision of education opportunities to older children who have been kept out of school due to poverty and other socio-economic problems. ISHDO provide the service through the LUMINOS Fund support project known as Second Chance Class Project.

The USAID Family Focused HIV Prevention Care and Treatment Activity (FFHPCTA) of ISHDO (a prime partner of USAID) w Violence with the seven of its Implementing partners (sub grantees) on 1 December 2023 at Sapphire Addis Hotel in Addis Ababa. The FFHPCTA has been implemented by seven local implementing partners (IPs) across 55 districts/ SNU in the Oromia and Gambela.
The day was marked by activity based awareness raising sessions that involved all participants.
Before the closing of sessions participants vow to stand against gender based violence in their respective organization and communities.

ISHDO staff and beneficiaries of the USAID/PSI MULU Key Population Activity commemorated the World AIDS Day at the four Drop-in-Centers (DICs) in Addis Ababa. The DICs are supported by the project so as to provide one-stop comprehensive HIV prevention, care, and treatment services to Key Priority People. Coffee ceremony programs were organized in all the DICs and discussions were made on the theme of this year WAD (let communities lead) facilitated by the respective DIC Coordinators.

FY2023 Performance Review Meeting of the USAID Family Focused HIV Prevention Care and Treatment Activity (FFHPCTA) of ISHDO (Prime partner of USAID) has been held on 30 November and 1 December at Sapphire Addis Hotel in Addis Ababa. The FFHPCTA has been implemented by seven local implementing partners (IPs) across 55 districts/ SNU in the Oromia and Gambela regions.
The performance review program was attended by higher officials of Ministry of Health and Oromial Health Bureau, Executive Director of ISHDO, a representative of USAID, technical advisors from Project Hope, Key staff of the IPs , FFHPCTA Program staff, representatives of other Prime partners of USAID, etc.
The FY23 Performances of the FFHPCTA was presented by ISHDO Representative and discussion was made on challenges faced and solutions sought to address the challenges, draw lessons for future action and draw the way forward to better improve the implementation.
The three best performing IPs (FIDO, DUGDA and MENA which stands first to third in their list of order), were awarded with certificate of recognition for their outstanding achievement.
Representatives of one of the major donors of LUMUNOS FUND /the Cartier Philanthropy – https://www.cartierphilanthropy.org/ comprised two people from the Cartier Philanthropy and Ms. Shannon Bragg, the Director of Development for the Luminos Fund, visited the Second Chance Class Project of ISHDO. The team visited the Project at MENAFESHA KEBELE, WONSHO WOREDA IN SIDAMA REGION on 21 November 2023. The donors expressed their great appreciation to ISHDO for effectively implement the Second Chance Project and for providing second chance education opportunity and brings joyful learning to out-of-school children who are denied a chance to learn due to poverty, conflict, or discrimination. The visitors were accompanied by Dr. Alemayehu Hailu Gebre, Ethiopia Country Director & Regional Strategic Advisor for the Luminos Fund and Ato Aklilu Nega, Executive Director of ISHDO.
FY2023 Organizational Performance Review and FY2024 Planning Workshop of ISHDO was held on 13 – 14 November 2023 at Melka Adama Hotel in the presence of concerned management, operation and program staff and representative of Board members.
Participants not only review the FY2023 performance and indicate the FY2024 plan of ISHDO, but they have also analyzed and discussed on the organizational strength, weaknesses and opportunities of ISHDO and suggested strategic future direction – as a way forward.
Global Fund CSOs Capacity Building and Combination HIV Prevention Project for Key and Priority Population
Addis Ababa Science & Technology University Students Peer Education Training Program
Held at Bin International Hotel, on 17 -19, 2023, Bishoftu Town
Organized by: Integrated Service on Health and Development Organization (ISHDO).
The 11 Sub National Units (SNUs) or towns of the USAID Family Focused HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment Activity in Oromia, have been transferred from the previous implementer, ISHDO, to three new Implementing Partners (IPs): FIDO, ODA and HUNDEE. This transition was made in order to ensure effective implementation of the USAID FFHPCT project.
In this regard, a one-day consultative workshop was held at Bishoftu town, BIN International hotel on October 19, 2023, to discuss about the transition and the responsibilities of each IP, which include the roles and responsibilities of project staff, the timeline for implementation, and the budget and resources available. This workshop was attended by representatives from the government stakeholders: and concerned staff of ISHDO, FIDO, ODA and HUNDEE.

ISHDO has provided educational material support to the target OVC of the USAID Family Focused HIV Prevention Care and Treatment Activity in Oromila. The handover ceremony was held on 15 September 2023 at Sebeta Health Centre in the presence of Oromia Health Bureau officials, Mayor of Sebeta Town, Executive Director of ISHDO and concerned ISHDO HQ and project staff.


USAID IMPLIMENTING PARTNERS FY24 WORK PLAN REVIEW MEETING was held at Haile Grand Hotel, Addis Ababa, on August 2 – 3, 2023,


Five staff of ISHDO took part in the tree planting program around Chancho Area, Northern Shoa Zone of Oromia Region .(bY representing ISHDO). The tree planting was jointly organized by Population, Health and Environment Ethiopia Consortium (PHE EC), Authority for the Civil Society Organizations, the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) Community Mobilization Committee and the Chancho Woreda Administration. In addition to reducing the impact of climate changes, the tree planting aim at protecting the GERD form silt eroded from the Abay drainage basin.

ISHDO is well represented on CSOs Week 2023 Exhibition program held at Ghion Hotel from 7 – 9 June 2023. Thousands of people visited its stand and got great attention by the Media and the general public, including higher government officials.

The Global Fund CSO Capacity Building and Combination HIV Prevention for KPPs Project of ISHDO donated full sound system set to Bole Lemi Industrial Park Administration to facilitate its HIV Prevention program and sensitize workers on HIV and related health issues. Ato Siyoum Gebremeskel, Project Manager of the Global Fund Project handover the donation to the representative of the Lemi Industry Park.

The FY23 Semi Annual Performance Review Meeting of the USAID Family Focused HIV Prevention Care and Treatment Activity was held at Bin International Hotel on 10 – 11 May 2023 in the presence of the ISHDO Prime and Sub staff, Official Representative of USAID, Oromia Health and Social Affairs Bureaus, Key project staff of Sub implementing partners, members of technical support team of HOPE Ethiopia and others.

ISHDO organized the Annual USAID-MULU Key Population Activity Review Meeting, which was held on 27 April 2023 at Melka Adama Hotel, Adama town, The project with the aim to expand community-based HIV services for Female Sex Workers and Priority Populations, is implemented by ISHDO in four sub cities of Addis Ababa, using five drop in centers (DICs) in partnership with PSI Ethiopia.
The Executive Director of ISHDO, Ato Aklilu Nega officially open the review meeting and the representative of PSI Ethiopia made a keynote speech.

The Luminos Fund Supported Accelerated Learning Second Chance Class (ALPS Class) Program implemented by ISHDO in collaboration with Sidama Region Education Bureau has been reviewed by major stakeholders of the project, on 29 April 2023, held at Fura Development Institute, Yirgalem Town. The project could enable to provide second chance class opportunities to more than 7000 children of age 9 to 14 years, who had been dropped out of school or denied a chance to learn, due to poverty, conflict, discrimination, etc, in Sidama Region.

ISHDO joyfully marked its 25th anniversary on Sunday, March 5, 2023, in the presence of our dedicated staff, esteemed partners, and valued beneficiaries.

ISHDO been recognized with awards from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for outstanding achievement in the delivery of SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY BASED PSYCHOSOCIAL AND LIVELIHOOD SUPPORT services to returnees and potential migrants in Silti Woreda, Silte Zone of Southern Region.