Integrated service on Health and Development Organization (SHDO), the former integrated service for ADIS Prevention and support Organization (ISAPSO) was established in October 1997 with Ministry of Justice as non-government organization Ethiopian re-registered in 2009 with Charities and Societies as Ethiopian resident CSO as per the new CSO legislation with the registration number 0088. Though the former name of the organization implied mainly working on HIV/AIDS, it has also been involved in different health, education and community development areas since its inception. In its fourth five-year strategic plan, the organization changed its name and revised its vision, mission and goal in light of linking health, education and development services to meet needs of the communities. The organization has structure of general assembly, board and secretariat.

Strategic objectives

  • Create awareness of the community to develop behavioral change and ensure full participation and involvement

    in health service promotion and development activates.

  • Support efforts being made in HIV prevention, care and treatment, RH/FP&ARH, Maternal and neonatal health,

   Sanitation, hygiene, nutrition and micronutrient support to under five children.

· Support children, youth, people with disabilities and other needy communities in capacity building and empowerment through provision of support for education. 


  • Carry out various interventions on capacity building for low income women and older OVCs in development imitative for Livelihood improvement.
  • Work in partnership with government stakeholders, the private sector, CSOs, CBOs, FBOs, the community at large

    in all matters related to children, women and other Vulnerable group in poverty reduction and ownership feeling