Planting vegetable needs knowledge


My name is Shewaye H/mesikel and I’m 25. I live in Minjar Shenkora woreda, Balchi  kebele with my   husband and my child, Daneal Mengistu. I have been enrolled & being included in YB-HVC project By Volunteers when they are deployed to assess HVCs since 2012. I used to live in petty trade & my husband is a day labor.

After my family is included in this project my child had got scholastic material      support, weekly volunteers monitoring and guidance services on different issues      particularly, on child care and hygiene and sanitation.
I have got also a chance to participate on Urban Agriculture training.  I used to   engage on urban agriculture activities  before but not based on Knowledge.

On this four days training I have got  practical knowledge especially on how we prepare the field before we start the main work, compost preparation, and the like…  

At the end of the training my knowledge and attitude was increased and changed.
Because I never thought  before that planting vegetable needs knowledge. Now I have got a long-term knowledge. Based on that I started my work Immediately using the seeds that ISAPSO gave me and I      followed each steps & processes as I was trained. Our volunteer also helped and followed up me during his regular home visit time. After several weeks, my garden became ready for market. I sold two times before two weeks. I earned around 80 birr and I spent it on basic commodities for my family.

The vegetable is not only a means of an in come to my family, but also it is being one part of our dish. Not only me but also the other participants of the training understood its benefit. It seems useless, but I knew that how much it helped me to cover my livelihood gaps. I have got good experience, and I won’t stop it. Finally “I thank ISAPSO in giving me such opportunity for my family.