Aster is 47 years old housemaid

 Aster is 47 years old housemaid, a bread winner and mother of six children, Aster Bisrat is living in Chancho town kebele 01. Aster is Member of Serto Madeg SHG since 2008.

Aster telling us her story she said “Previously I run small business of supply cheese, butter and egg to Addis Ababa, but currently I am working on my urban garden, as I get this activity more easy and profitable as compared to other small businesses. I am cultivating more than ten varieties of vegetables and spices like ‘tosegn’, ‘besobila’ and others. In doing so, I earn more than Birr 200.00 from vegetable and spices products on monthly basis at local market”

  Aster, is a diligent women, motivated to change her situation and sustain her income. She is more interested in urban agriculture activities and keeps on the track through diversifying and expanding the IGA. After  ISAPSO began to support her on urban garden, her garden is looking good. In 2013 she gained a total income of Birr 2400.00.
She said.“I am also undertaking sheep rearing activities after I got two sheep from ISAPSO, which I will return to another individual. Currently, my sheep reached to six through the rearing activities”. Aster also runs animal husbandry; own three cows. She bought one cow after collecting ‘ekub’ from her profit and adding up loan from her SHG. Furthermore, she said ‘I got four liter milk on daily bases and earns 270 birr monthly; the remaining milk is   consumed at home. The main purpose of urban agriculture is enabling target community to ensure food security. The benefit that Aster got has direct implication on household food security status.

Aster talks proudly, “it was difficult to rear six children, fulfilling necessities and shoulder bread winner         responsibilities that is why I am recognizing what ISAPSO contributed in changing my way of life. I am doing well in my SHG; increasing my weekly saving from birr two to five, taking loan and repaying on time, running urban agriculture activities. Her living style is changing time to time; she bought different house utensils,         furniture and bed through collecting ‘ekub’ and long term SHG loan. Furthermore, she is able to cover her      children’s medical and educational expenses. Aster is also planning to expand her urban agriculture activities more than what currently she is doing.

ISAPSO recognizes the achievement done so far in changing the attitude of its beneficiaries and local           community members at Chancho and Sululta. This attitudinal shift is showing remarkable change in enabling beneficiaries to produce vegetables at their backyards for own consumption and even to the extent of generating sustainable income. Such promising developmental intervention was accomplished relying on three key pillars; knowledge, skill and practice that done jointly with relevant actors. ISAPSO will keep intervening with          advanced technological inputs and practices for attainment of food security among target community.

The vegetable is not only a means of an in come to my family, but also it is being one part of our dish. Not only me but also the other participants of the training understood its benefit. It seems useless, but I knew that how much it helped me to cover my livelihood gaps. I have got good experience, and I won’t stop it. Finally “I thank ISAPSO in giving me such opportunity for my family.